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Jesse Spills the Beans: Israel no longer first

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Speaking at the World Policy Council, Jackson said that “The most important change (with an Obama administration) would occur in the Middle East, where “decades of putting Israel’s interests first” would end.” So I guess it would be ok if Israel got wiped off the face of the earth? No wonder Ahmendijad has been relatively quiet. “Jackson believes that, although ‘Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades’ remain strong, they’ll lose a great deal of their clout when Barack Obama enters the White House”. I wonder if Jesse “the extortionist” Jackson is going to be Obama’s ambassador to the UN? May be he’s looking for walking money or is he just throwing O’Stymie under the bus? Who knows, but this isn’t good. 

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Written by James Lagnese

October 14, 2008 at 5:19 pm

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