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The New World’s Order?

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Medvedev is taking a week long trip to Latin america and this includes stops to Venezuela and Cuba. One has to wonder about the latest communist visits to the New World. Is it an effort to undermine the United States both politically and economically or is it just good business and international relations? It is not above the communists to play tit for tat, regarding our support for Taiwan, Tibet, Georgia, and former Eastern Block countries. Look for Hu and Medvedev, who is just the more pleasant veneer for for Vlad the Impaler to encroach on our hemisphere, challenging the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary. With Obama as president, they probably see an pening for such action, which would have been ill advised while GW was in office. It’s going to get interesting. 
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Written by James Lagnese

November 20, 2008 at 9:16 pm

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