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The 912 Project/Tea Party march in Washington is now in the history books. Glenn Beck must be proud and I am sure others in the new right media are scrambling to get something out of this. All aboard!

Anyway, like on many nights, tonight I looked in the list of blogs I follow and I saw a lot of the same stories promulgated on many blogs, cross linked like the most sophisticated synthetic polymer with me too posts and populist straw man comments that show about as much though at times as Jocelyn Wildenstein does when she goes to her plastic surgeon. Then again, this is the way blogs are, no? Sometimes I think the blogosphere is nothing more than a mutual admiration society, one that I guess I don’t exactly fit. There are times when I feel like Howard Stern when his father would say “shut up you moron!” On the hand, it is a way to get your voice heard, and for like people to form a loose confederation of voices that wish to foment real change. Which ever the case, I am still one voice.

There is one voice out there that I find is not like the others. While this person probably wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire, I think his blog is the best political blog extant and an example of refinement of thought not seen since WFB. He is a joy to listen to as well.

Back to the 912 March…I have to say I am pleased with the turnout and I think the attendance exceeded everyone’s expectations. This should be a shot across the bow of obama’s good ship das kapital. I don’t think Obama will give a crap as he’s a hubristic piece of fabian socialist shit and he has to pay back too may progressive socialists for getting him in office. On the other hand, every member of the house and senate better take note, as 2010 isn’t that far off, and November 2010 will be a bad month for many of them. Look for a shift in power next year.

Thank you for reading this blog.


Written by James Lagnese

September 13, 2009 at 8:33 pm

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