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Stupid is as stupid does

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I have to say Obama has finally demonstrated how naive and stupid he is. Really, who tells an enemy when they are going to stop fighting? So now we are going to send 30K soldiers to Afghanistan until July 4, 2011. That would be like Nicolai Valuev telling David Haye he’s going to throw in the towel after the second round. I bet Haye could hold on no matter what, may be even sleep walk through it.

This tells the Taliban and al Qaeda that all they have to do is go underground for 18 months. Sure they’ll taught us, but never engage seriously and directly. May be I am wrong. May be they’ll go toe to toe, but why? In 18 months we’ll be gone. Shit, they’ve been unbeaten for 4000 years.

I am not going to use a Vietnam template as this is far worse. Here we are saying we can’t win from the get go. It’s saying at best a tie. Neither Bush nor Obama understand what it takes to win a war and if they do, they do not have the will to do what must be done. It’s a good thing that they weren’t president during WWII. We’d be speaking german right now. As Jim Malone said, “What are you prepared to do”, in regards to Elliot Ness going after Capone. Considering Obama is a Chicago politician, you’d think he would understand this. I guess the lesson was lost on him.

So here we are, with President Apology, looking at the further waste of humans in a conflict that while now has an end, has no hope of winning. If you heard Barry’s speech he talked of hope. In war, you do not hope, you kick ass and kill.

Right now, I think as gad flies on the right, me and my fellow right bloggers need to remember what is at stake as a whole with this administration. Even if we lose or have a “tie” in Karzaistan, as Americans, we need to remember that Congress is still trying to drop the bomb of socialized medicine, cap and tax, and another stimulus plan that will not do anymore than the first one, which was nothing. Lets keep our eyes n the road and on the prize, which is our freedom.

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Written by James Lagnese

December 2, 2009 at 7:47 am

The Hells Angels Open Chapter In Pakistan

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Sonny Barger must be proud. The Hells Angels have opened a chapter in Pakistan. They plan to move in on the Taliban opium producers to take over their production and distribution. They also plan on starting a prostitution ring they will run in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. When asked how one will be able to distinguish a prostitute from an average woman there, there leader, Abu “Wide Glide” Abdullah said that “the burkas will be 1″ shorter and the hood will have a mouth flap”.
The Outlaws and Pagans were asked if they have plans to recruit in Pakistan or Afghanistan. They declined comment. The El Forasteros said they were looking into it.
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Written by James Lagnese

April 17, 2009 at 5:50 am