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Judas is a Kamikaze: Stupak to retire

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I am a little late to this party, as the plane crash yesterday preempted this article, so here goes…

In the case of Bart Stupak, I have to say he is a Judas who is a Kamikaze. While feigning principle in holding the pro-life position that he would not vote for Obamacare if it funded abortions, it seems he was looking for some sort of easy out to vote for it and he got  it in the presidential executive order which would prohibit federal funding of abortions, but has as much teeth as a 100 year southern dirt farmer that chewed tobacco all his life.

John Batchelor has an interesting take on it:

The Tea Party sends in a three-bus caravan to MI-1 to raise money to defeat Stupak, and before it arrives Stupak retires. Coincidence? Those Tea Party buses will reproduce like bunnies. The Tea Party becomes the juggernaut without a candidate other than “Anybody but You.” Stupak suddenly reverses field and stages a Stupak love conference that FNC carries live. Coincidence? Who is producing this wacky opera? Would like the transcripts of the phone calls Stupak made to Mrs. Pelosi and Steny Hoyer: “Hello, Bart; what? What!?” It is far better than the Gingrich Zombie opera. Vote ’em all out! Empty Congress! De-Federalize? Bart, we hardly knew you, and you still have that State Trooper steadiness even in retreat.

I disagree that Stupak has some sort of trooper steadiness or that in some way is principled in the matter as some would assert, but rather saw the writing on the wall with regards to the Tea Party and also didn’t want to be the democrat that forestalled Obamacare. Remember, he is a democrat. You also have to consider that with the impending loses including his own, he more that likely will find a cozy job working for a contributor or as a lobbyist, therefore he needed a plausible way to satisfy everyone within the circle of influence that matters to him.

In the end, he sold his soul for a false promise. Such people are not heroes or even good people, but people  that sell out for a mere metaphorical 30 pieces. In this case he did it willingly if not deliberately, and I am sure for more than 30 pieces in the end. Bart, you are a sfacime.

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Written by James Lagnese

April 11, 2010 at 9:45 am