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Chamberlain Obama: Yes I can, and yes you will

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Neville Chamberlain Barack Hussein OBama or NCBHO, is on a world tour to curry favor with people that traditionally hated us. The Mountebank in Chief’s latest efforts have been in patriadeprecation, patronization and naive arrogance in an effort to start his path to Secretary General of the UN or President of the World. Aside from defining our country as being a muslim and his apologizing for things he or I or anyone I know ever did, he decided to tell Benjamin Netanyahu what he had to accomplish and by when.

Conventional wisdom by such wizened journaltorialists such as Pat Buchanan is that Netanyahu has to lick the hand that feds him. Israel accepts a lot of foreign aid from the United States and therefore is the junior and supplicating partner in that relationship. I think Netanyahu has to look long and hard at the relationship with the United States. While it is true that Israel does accept a lot of foreign aid, I think in the current context of who is president that Israel has to consider it is truly alone at this point. Netanyahu’s allegiances and concerns should be for his country first, job second and everything else last. I won’t get into whether or not Israel should or should not negotiate a Palestinian state per se, but it is arrogant for BHO to to make these demands. Right now, Obama’s play book seems to be do the opposite of whatever Bush did. Such thinking does not automatically make a policy a good one.
The end game here is Obama being The One for the whole world. I think he truly sees himself as the answer for all problems, salvation for the world. In the end, it’s about him, and he doesn’t care about Israel, the United States, you or I. So where does this leave Israel? They will have to put up or shut up, meaning either supplicate to Obama or go it alone. If there is a third option, Netanyahu could agree to negotiate, but put conditions on it to save face at home. Even in this case he is compromised.
What is more telling is Europe’s response to BHO Particularly by the leaders…To be continued.
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Written by James Lagnese

June 5, 2009 at 7:12 pm