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Big Brother Got It’s Start In Iowa

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Big brother got it’s start in Iowa. Yeah, that is correct. In the land of corn fields, sunshine and “mid-western values”. The University of Iowa is developing and testing a system that uses GPS to track your car’s travels so as to tax you. Of course they say this will replace the gas tax, but you know this is bullshit. On top of this and more importantly are the privacy issues. This is a big authoritarian rights grab by the government to keep people under their thumb. Just one more instance of big government gone awry in the name of improvements through technology. I am sure my “fellow” Iowans will say, “it’s for the kids”, “it’s for the greater good”, and as so long as the corn whores get their hand out from the government and grassley and company keep it coming in, the sheeple in Iowa will bend over with a smile. I am sure Harkin and/or Grassley made sure the U of I got their grant for this. Anything for a vote. How much you want to bet that we’ll have a mileage tax and a gas tax?
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Written by James Lagnese

July 1, 2009 at 5:11 pm