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Iowa Newspaper Decries Money Spent On Protecting Our Children From pedophiles

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The Des Moines Register decries money spent on monitoring pedophiles. The cost is projected at $168 million over 20 years. I doubt it is this much, but then again, this paper is the mid-west version of Pravda, in which they support every cockamamie progressivist socialist agenda to come down the pipe. To characterize this paper as pro-pedophile, anti-life, pro-gay agenda, pro-socialist is not a stretch. I would also add willing member of the fourth branch of government. Can you say pro-democrat or Pro-Obama? I have never seen a local paper so disparate from the views of it’s supporting population, but then again it’s losing money and subscribers faster than Michael Jackson lost hair filming a pepsi commercial.
The adjoining photo is of Carolyn Washburn, Editor of the rag in question.
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