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Childcare, Chicom Style

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The Daily Mail has released photographs from China of a child that was chained to a pole as a way of securing him while his father worked as a rickshaw driver.

From the Daily Mail:

They say they secured their son, Lao Lu, with a padlock around his ankle because his four-year-old sister Ling was ‘stolen’ from them last month.

Child snatching is rife in China, where strict laws govern the size of families.

Concerned passers-by spotted the shackled toddler outside Huaguan Shopping Mall in Liangxiang. 

They reported his father to the authorities, who yesterday ordered him to remove the chain although it was not clear what arrangements he would make in future.

There is no nursery place for Lao Lu because his 42-year-old father is a migrant worker from another province, Szechuan, and therefore does not qualify for state help. The family live in one room, 9ft by 8ft.

I don’t know what is more aberrant, chaining a kid to pole as a substitute for daycare or a country that tolerates child theft and won’t give him any support because he’s from another state in that country. I feel for the guy because he lost his daughter, I really do. This truly outlines the totalitarian nature of that country and the utter hopelessness of communism. I would also want to bring up that this is your hard earned money at work, for all those that support China and this sort of thing through their purchases at Walmart etc. All the cheap crap we buy doesn’t go very far over their. I suppose you could say that it would be worse without it, but this is the best they can do? Some rising superpower. They have a long way to go to be a “civilized” country.

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Written by James Lagnese

February 3, 2010 at 8:27 pm