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Apostasy: Even The Right Guy will admit he is wrong

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While my apostasy has nothing to do with Islam, I thought it was an interesting comic. Anyway…

My apostasy has to do with a blog post on LCR about Obama’s CZARs. At the time, I thought the hubbub over the czars wasn’t much more than another birther frenzy.

At the time, I had said something to the effect that we have better way and places to spend our energies to push back on Obama. Well, I was wrong. Unlike Fonzie, I can say it.

In light of how many communists, Maoists and socialists occupy czar positions, I have to say enough already. It is quite apparent that Obama intends to use bureaucrats to implement his policies, people that are only answerable to him. Like Wesley Mouch and his band of sycophants, Obama’s czars intend on converting this nation from the number one economic,  social and military superpower, into a country that more closely resembles England, Denmark or any other of the feckless socialist democracies where people prefer to treated as farm animals rather than adult, unique individual human beings that are both free and responsible.

Since MaObama can appoint these people, it is up to us to shine a light on some of these idiots, like Anita Dunne, Van Jones and the most egregious, Ron Bloom.

Anyway, I was wrong.

Thank you for reading this blog.


Written by James Lagnese

October 28, 2009 at 10:17 pm