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The Swedes Are At It Again

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The Swedes are at it again, or in this case, A Swede is at it again. Lars Vilks has built a panic or safe room and set man traps on his property because of threats to his life from muslim extremists because he drew cartoons depicting mohammed’s head on a dog, seen here.
From the Times Online UK:

A Swedish cartoonist whose controversial image of the Prophet Muhammad led to a series of death threats said today that he had secured his property with a homemade panic room and booby-trapped artwork.

The latest threat to Lars Vilks emerged yesterday when seven people were arrested in Ireland accused of plotting to kill the 63-year-old artist.

Mr Vilks responded by saying that he was ready for them. “If something happens, I know exactly what to do,” he said.

His home in southern Sweden now contains a barbed-wire sculpture that could electrocute potential intruders, a secure space to hide in and an axe which will allow him “to chop down” anyone breaking in through his windows.

First off, what kind of dumbass would broadcast his intent in an international newspaper? He is more stupid than the muslim extremists. Secondly, man traps are illegal in the US, and I would imagine they are in the confiscatory and anti-selfdefense country of Sweden. Then we get to an axe. He has to be kidding me.

The Times Online continues:

He said he had learned from American media reports that the woman held in the US Colleen R. LaRose, who had called herself Jihad Jane in a YouTube video, had visited the area where he lives, but he did not know whether that was true. “I’m glad she didn’t kill me,” Mr Vilks said.

Ummm…Mr Vilks. We need to talk. You are in denial and poorly armed. Let me put it this way: Any creature that will not either fight, nor run will become something’s lunch. It’s guaranteed. My advice would be to get real, get armed well and know how to use it. Be determined to use it if necessary. A panic room won’t save you, and you’ll just end up making it easy for the authorities to find your remains. I can understand your dilemma. You were raised in a socialist country were people are treated like farm animals. You have lost the will and the ability to properly defend yourself. The predator has been bred out of you. it is sad, because the Viking were some of the most feared in the world at one time, but no more. What is left of your country has been reduced to giving out awards and money to people that have either been fraudulent or done nothing at all. It is truly a sad state of affairs.

If you can’t protect yourself there, move somewhere that recognizes people’s right to self-determination, self-protection and the pursuit of one’s dreams. They call that America, and get it while you still can. I here there’s plenty room here, but just one thing: Leave the socialism at home.

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Written by James Lagnese

March 10, 2010 at 9:00 pm