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The DNC, Two for them, none for me

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The democrats have shown, once again, how hypocritical they are. The DNC has made a deal to get fuel from the state of Colorado tax free during the democrat convention. Now, I am the first person to applaud tax free anything, but the tax break is for a party that: wouldn’t suspend the fuel taxes to alleviate high fuel prices for all people, will not allow drilling for oil offshore, or  allow drilling for oil in ANWR, and want to pass laws that would cripple our economy through things like carbon credits, which are useless and feckless. Now, the DNC will assert the republicans are doing it during their convention. Well, they are hypocrites too. They are supposed to be the party of low taxes, small government, pro-life and family values. During the Bush administration, we have seen the largest growth of the government, probably since FDR. Expanded medicare, prescription drug plan, the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA,  etc. While the democrats are the drivers on the road to ruin, Bush and his neo-machiavellian consultant of how to win elections by taking your opponents positions have done everything to not only screw up the republican party, but make it possible for the democrats to take both houses and probably the White House in 2008. They helped put the democrats in the drivers seat. So what are we left with here are the major two parties that do not represent what the the american people want or believe and are out for themselves. They are hypocrites, drawn to the power of political position, while giving lip service to positions that they change with the change of the direction of the political winds. 

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Written by James Lagnese

July 23, 2008 at 9:02 pm

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