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Doris Kearns-Goodwin

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Is a total moron…besides a plagiarist. Her spot on the Imus show this morning shows how out of touch she is and how in the bag she is for Obama. She’s a historian? More to follow.
Basically, Doris was blowing pussy farts over Obama and said that even if he is socialist and his measures are, in the balance, it’s not as if it’s forever, it’s only a stage, a space in time. What miss plagiarist failed to address is that social programs brought about by megalomaniacs like FDR, Johnson and now Obama have lasting negative affects and influences on society, such that one, we’ll never get rid of them (SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare), and two, the programs will create a larger constituency on the government dole, which in turn makes more people feckless and dependent. Barack Hussein Obama, like FDR, isn’t doing these things to truly help people as he’s basically a gangster whose only interest is power. What’s more dangerous than him though are the true believers in his marxist diatribe that will permanently wreck liberty in this country. So the idiot gives Obama a pass, and the other idiot, Imus does as well.
Thank you for reading this blog. Vote freedom.

Written by James Lagnese

March 6, 2009 at 6:43 am