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Picking up the mantle of a murderer

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As much as this photo shows a caring doctor in medical setting, it is purely for effect from the New York Times, trying to show this murderer as some sort of caring saint.

Dr. Carhart sees the need for late term abortions, and will perform them in the absence of his friend Dr. George R. Tiller.

As someone that was born 12 weeks premature, as a rationalist and as a christian,  I find it repulsive that someone would want to kill a baby that obviously could live on his/her own. I find it repulsive that anyone would want to kill any baby. This guy is no saint and a few of his employees quit when they found out the nature of the expansion of his practice. While I don’t prescribe the fate Dr Tiller got to Dr. Carhart, I do believe abortion should be against the law. No matter what, Dr. Carhart will face the same cosmic justice Dr. Tiller faced at his final exam, and nothing we can do on this earth matches god’s justice.

This is one more example of the out of touch mentality that the left promulgates, even in the evidence that they are not only wrong, but that they are out of step with the majority of Americans. These members of the government sponsored media are fomenting their positions through the government, with Obama at the helm. Think I am wrong? Read this.

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Mr. Obama’s Epitaph:


Written by James Lagnese

December 3, 2009 at 8:11 pm