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They only have to be good once

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It has been reported that there are a high number of people on no fly lists trying to get into the US and it also has been reported that OBL has indicated that there is a coming attack. 

On it’s face value, one might say that we get these warning all the time. It’s posturing to keep us off balance, a feint in an effort to make us too comfortable in hearing these warnings. 

On the other hand, coupled with the revelation that lots of people on no fly lists makes it more serious. Looking back at the days of the IRA, they threatened Queen Elizabeth with the taunt, “you have to be good every day, we have to be good only once.”

We ate not dealing with a high tech enemy here. In many ways it’s simplicity makes it virtually impossible to deal with, like a virus. Flooding the TSA screeners with people that are on the no fly list is much like a denial of service attack that some viruses use to bring down a server. In this case, the TSA will become so overwhelmed that someone could get through. Will get through. 

Obviously the enemy here has been good four times with us: The Twin Towers, The Pentagon, Fight 93 and Hasan. They were almost good with Abdulmutallab and Reid. This is not a problem that can be solved with increasing force (against what) or taking away rights of Americans. We must, and I declare this emphatically, we must use the same processes and principles that El Al uses to protect it’s passengers. On either side, nothing succeeds like success, and the Israelis have been successful in keeping the bad guys out. I would also propose on any domestic flight, that people that are legally licensed to carry concealed weapons be allowed to carry on domestic flights. The Second Amendment is the original homeland security. Let it work.

Instead, Obama will throw more McDonald’s rejects at the problem in the guise of TSA, and pay lip service to increased security. Of course it could be worse. In england they police are using military drones to spy on their own people (and they have the highest per capita camera surveillance). Of course the farm animals their will feel much safer. How safe are we? We better be good. Real good. 

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Written by James Lagnese

January 25, 2010 at 9:13 am