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I am Back: Obama got the Nobel?

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The first thing I saw on TV Friday morning after getting some sleep after surgery was that Obama won the Nobel. At first I thought the anestetic was playing tricks on me or the vicodin was, or may be Fox News was doing a practical joke. Nope…

Obama winning the nobel is just another example of social promotion. You ask why? Well, for one, the closing date for nominating someone for the nobel prize was 11 days after his inauguration. Exactly what did he do in 11 days to deserve this prize? Absolutely nothing.

Most recipients, particularly in the sciences, don’t receive their award until they are dead or nearly so, having spent 40, 50 or more years in their discipline.

What was Obama’s discipline? Community organizer? One term senator? No wonder he won’t release his academic records. We might find out what a fraud he really is. Curtis Sliwa says this is premature adulation for what he will do, according MaObama’s supporters. What rubbish. How can you reward someone for what they might do? This is affirmative action and social promotion at it’s very worse.

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Written by James Lagnese

October 9, 2009 at 8:15 pm