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Karl Rove Understands Business Management

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Karl Rove understands management; There are two theories in management: A) Make the right decision or B) Make the decision and then make it right. According to The New York Times, “Karl Rove, the chief political adviser to President George W. Bush and architect of his two successful campaigns for the White House, says in a new memoir that his former boss probably would not have invaded Iraq had he known there were no weapons of mass destruction there.” The question I ask is, was the president intentionally misinformed, or conveniently? My thesis on this expedition is that the administration used management technique B. This is not necessarily an indictment of W at all, but an honest observation.

It is possible that Saddam had the weapons of mass destruction shipped out of the country. Some assert the Russians and Syrians helped with this. If this was the case, then why not bring to light? Rove does “acknowledge that the failure to find them badly damaged Mr. Bush’s presidency, and he blames himself for not countering the narrative that ‘Bush lied,’ calling it “one of the biggest mistakes of the Bush years.” Then the question remains, did Rove intentionally misinform W?

Having worked in the private sector and I have seen many times when the boss or leader says the sky is red, and the yes men around him will assemble the evidence to make it so. So goes making a decision right. Too many people jumped on the bandwagon, George Tenet included, that should have done their due dillegence in this matter. My main objection is that of honesty. If you are going to do something, there is no need to trump stuff up. Be an adult and do what you have to do. Obviously, the Bush administration (again, not necessarily W, but his people) must have believed that they needed more to justify their agenda than just saying we want to do this.

Of course, with the victory at hand and with Obama carrying forth some of the same policies, it’s easy to say, whatever, we won and it doesn’t really matter. I would ask anyone, with a straight face, do you really believe that any presidential administration in this country would not have all the information, correctly vetted ad infinitum, before committing to war? I cannot believe for the life of me that these chaps either didn’t know their weren’t weapons of mass destruction or that if there was and I mean there was in such a way as there was intent on being used against us, that these weapons disappeared and that they cannot explain it. Why wouldn’t they explain it? Rove doesn’t strike me as such an incompetent. A plotter, a schemer, a guy that throws people under busses, but not incompetent.

I’ve said this all along: One, Rove, Cheney and Rice had a master plan for reshaping the middle east. Iran was seen as the real threat. They wanted to surround Iran with propped up democracies and countries that were influenced by us, thereby bringing pressure to both isolate Iran and force an internal revolution. The entry story for Iraq was just that, a story to get the job done to accomplish that agenda. I would have appreciated that kind of honesty from the Bush administration, but unfortunately, it wasn’t and isn’t forthcoming.

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