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The Dems Do It

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Well, the Wicked Witch of New Orleans has done it, along with Blanche “Mama Yokum” Lincoln from Arkansas. Still think I am wrong? I called it before, and even before that.  All the right wing cheerleading for the last 18 months has been for naught. I am sure I will not get one freaking comment from my compatriots of liberty: There is no admitting defeat. Well, it looks like we are going down. Even if we make inroads in 2010 and get the white house back in 2012,  will all of this be repealed? No, it won’t, It never has been, and it won’t start now. Politicians in DC and almost everywhere else like the power they wield, given from us, and expressed with our hard earned money. We put too much faith in these mountebanks on both sides of the isle, and we have suffered the results.

What to do next? Well, some of you will succor to Rush, Glenn or Sean to hear the next talking points and/or inspirational diatribe on what’s next.  More pablum from Mr. potato head and company. Rush will say continue fighting, while he moves to New Zealand, Glenn will tell everyone to stock 6 months of food in their basement and plan to move to Glennbeckistan, and Sean will say he is running in 2012 as the next Reagan, and a poor imitation at that. What these bread and circus directors seem to forget is that we lost on November 4, 2008, not today. We can’t turn the clock back, and our choices are slim. I await commentary from my compatriots in liberty to give me a clue as to what is next. Any takers?

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Written by James Lagnese

November 21, 2009 at 2:26 pm