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Bloomberg: The Fascist Hypocirite

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Mike likes to ban things. He’s banned and taxed cigarettes and even fired someone for smoking cigarettes, yet he smoked pot, He banned idling SUVs and he rides in Suburbans, and with his latest hypocrisy, he banned transfats, yet eats like Elvis on a binge.

In his latest bout with hypocrisy, he shows how how bad he is, this from the New York Times:
HE dumps salt on almost everything, even saltine crackers. He devours burnt bacon and peanut butter sandwiches. He has a weakness for hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and fried chicken, washing them down with a glass of merlot.

And his snack of choice? Cheez-Its.

So Mike is just another do as I say not as I do fascist/socialist politician except that he is unabashed in it. What next Mike, a .357 Magnum S&W in a shoulder holster, or do you prefer a Sig Sauer 250?
Just like clothes do not make the man, neither does money. And bacon on a peanut butter sandwich? I thought Mike was Mishpucha?
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Written by James Lagnese

September 23, 2009 at 5:40 am