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Somehow, Less Than Presidential

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In recent memory, it has been almost tradition for the president to go abroad when things are going badly domestically.

This started, at least in recent memory, with Nixon, when he had his problems with Watergate, Vietnam, etc: He went to China. Many presidents since then have done the same thing when things get sour at home.

Obama is no different. With his numbers tanking and having been in decline over the last 10 months, he does this Asia tour to make himself seem more presidential. More subterfuge from the magician.

He preaches governmental reform with freedom of speech in China, yet he wants to empower the government here to take liberties away. He bows like a coolie to the Emperor of Japan, several times, yet he expects us to bow to him. He assigns the trial of KSM to Manhattan, where the terrorist may enjoy legal protections that citizens have, in my opinion, to one, appear fair to our detractors and enemies, and two, to showcase the Bush administration in a negative light. I bet he hopes they spill the beans about gitmo, so as to get the public against something he is against and get the attention off himself.

And that is the crux of all of it: To get the negative attention off himself. Like a con man who is discovered as such, he will try to spin to gain confidence of his mark again and the mark is us. Are you buying into it?

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Written by James Lagnese

November 16, 2009 at 6:48 am