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The Tea Pot Calling the Kettle Black

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Hoping God doesn’t throw a lightning bolt…

From the department of ecumenical insanity, The most reverend Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, said the Irish Church  has lost all its credibility. That’s the teapot calling the kettle black if I have seen it.

I used to be a congregant of Rowan’s Church until he jumped the sharp by affirming the appointment of a philandering alcoholic as a bishop in the US, saying that Sharia law is equivalent to british law and has a place in society, and he has bishops under him that are ok with late term abortions. He admitted as much  that islam will overtake any christian church in England. Talk about poor leadership and talking your own down.

So here we are, Rowan saying the Irish Church lost its credibility. Really? You lost yours a long time ago Rowan, and lets be honest: You are swinging brickbats at the catholic church as a whole. Many parishes in the US have already left the Anglican Church to go under another Episcopal authority, and The Pope has made it very easy for Anglicans to become catholics now, as a way to bring them back to the fold. Rowan is pissed his ship is sinking and is just striking out. Honestly Rowan, if you showed real leadership, may be you wouldn’t be a laughing stock. May be I’d still be Anglican Catholic.

Here’s Pat Condell with a little humor and political satire:

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Written by James Lagnese

April 3, 2010 at 4:36 pm