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Emotional Appeals: The last refuge of morons and bad ideas

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Looking like some half-ass cross between a young Aunt Esther and a dominatrix, Michelle Obama tried to use an emotional appeal to promote her husbands government healthcare plan. In her speech she asserts that somehow women are treated differently and in a substandard way with our current healthcare system. She offers no numbers, just the faint stench of sacrifice and the malodorous feculence of victimhood. Armed with nothing but that stupid ass belt and a vapid mind, she seems to think she can persuade people to support government run healthcare on emotional grounds. For where there is a victim, there must be a savior and that savior is Obama and the power of the government. This my friends is the last refuge of morons and bad ideas. Anytime someone or some group needs the power of the government to force change, to force change most people do not want down their throats, generally it is a bad idea and cannot stand on its own. Such is the way of the progressive and fabian socialist. So is using emotional appeals and creating victims that only the government can save. Obviously Obama and Co. are in dire straights to have to pull such stunts, but it also reveals their true nature.

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Written by James Lagnese

September 18, 2009 at 6:20 pm