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I was going to write an entry here how my support for McCain wasn’t solidified. I still needed to find out more about Palin and I still had misgivings about McCain. Then I read Drudge. It wasn’t the stuff about Bristol Palin. That stuff happens and you deal with it. Still, liberals seemed almost pissed that Bristol didn’t abort the child, thereby making her first communion in the church of socialism/feminism. Even with all the spin and non-sense, I wished to hold off and learn more. Then I went to Drudge Report. Read it yourself. At this point I will not use the word democrat. That would tarnish the traditional meaning of the word. I won’t call them liberals, because I consider myself a classical liberal. I was going to use socialist-feminists, but that is too long. The new word shall be Neo-Coms. Well, the Neo-Coms have shot themselves in the foot with this one. Families should be off limits, but disseminating private, confidential information to the public is a safety concern as well as a privacy rights concern. There should be criminal prosecution of this breech. It doesn’t matter though. It served a purpose beyond the Neo-Coms control. It galvanized the republican party and conservatives with the McCain/Palin ticket in ways that no one on the right could do. This could cost Obama the presidency. It should. I am sure he will come out and condemn it, and I don’t place this situation at his feet, but he will be the one to pay for it. John and Sarah, you have one more vote come November and damn the Neo-Coms.

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Written by James Lagnese

September 2, 2008 at 7:11 pm