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Obama is Putin’s Bitch

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With Obama’s caving in on the missile defense plan, he has become Vladamir Putin’s bitch. After being properly felated by Obama, Putin says it was a “correct and brave decision”. Now that Obama succumb to Neville Chamberlain Disease, all of eastern Europe feels and is betrayed by our feckless and pusillanimous Commander in Chief. Obviously we have passed the crossroads and we are nearing a point of no return where our enemies will come to view us with more than contempt, but beneath it, where once we were an adversary to respect, now we are one to be walked on like a man who has been punked in prison. Obvious too is that Obama has ignored the warnings, and instead has chosen to cut path that is just a reversal of whatever Bush or Reagan would have done or did do. It’s a path that has no rhyme or reason, but whose sole purpose is to undue what progress that has been done in order to delegitimize the past to create whatever future Obama seems fit to create. This is purely a marxist philosophy.

By ignoring what has worked and doing the opposite of what predecessors have done in order to undo, he is putting this country in a position that is not only less than first among equals but one that is servile at best and impoverished, destitute, and feckless at worst. This man has no respect or I would even say knowledge of the concept of American Exceptionalism, and has a fabian and neo-european view of the world. He does not think like an American, nor does he act like one. For all intents and purposes, we have elected a man that is not one of us. This shows in the disconnect between what he wants to accomplish and what Americans want, don’t want, and his lack of respect for that. After all, We cling to our guns, and our religion

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Written by James Lagnese

September 18, 2009 at 7:01 pm