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The Real Cost of Obamacare

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As Obamacare has passed, now companies will have to pay big time. AT&T has already said it has to book 1 billion of 1st quarter costs because of the bill, and Caterpillar has to pay 150 million. In my own state of Iowa, John Deere has a similar cost of 150 million. Bloomberg estimate that 14 billion will get “shaved” from corporate profits this quarter. This will surely delay any recovery that people were hoping for. I would ask ObaMao, how did his bill create jobs? How does it keep people free and not dependent? Surely these companies will not be hiring many if any people, especially in terms of new positions. THey certainly won’t have the money to invest back into the company too. Of course we are getting a first hand look at the effects of socialism and what it will do to the economy. I also have pondered something else too, and I wonder what my readers think: Since medical insurance is normally considered a benefit, how will companies factor in that benefit when they cut back on healthcare plans (which they will in order to avoid thee penalties they are paying) when trying to attract talent? Will we get a $10K raise for the lack of benefits? This also plays into the socialist’s hands. Companies will have to cut back on benefits and at some point it will become politically necessary to create a one payer system. This is what MaObaMao wants. At that point, companies will have absolved themselves of any medical insurance costs, and the employee will in essence be stuck paying for it through increased taxes of all kinds. So not only will we not get the difference, but it will come out of our pay check and our pockets. Look at Denmark, where people work more than 6 months out of the year for the government. Farm Animals, every one of them.

The real cost of Obamacare is economic slavery and dependence on the federal government. They want to create a society of Farm Animals where by they tend the flock. It’s not about let’s all get along: Remember, peace is the absence of opposition, and most of the time that is achieved by some sort of force. Farm Animals are at peace, but they are also kept in pens to produce for the farmer, and exercise no free will, if it could be possible. Think about it. Socialism is a system that extends the Farm System to human society as a whole in a effort to produce a society of subservient and sinecure producers for the benefit of the few. In some ways it makes the slavery system under the old south more palatable, as there was some place to escape to for freedom. These entropic fools want to make it the same everywhere so there is no where to go. This is about enslaving and controlling mankind, not for some system that affords basic needs and wants for it’s citizens for some altruistic purpose. Any sacrifice made necessary and promulgated by those in power should be looked at with suspicion and derision. And to paraphrase someone else, look to where that altar of sacrifice is and who benefits. These bastards are nihilistic materialists that look no more upon you than a farmer does with a chicken on the chopping block. You are literally just another brick in his wall. Until people really understand this, that we are just Farm Animals to these people, slaves, then it will always be this tug of war or pendulastic exercise every 10 years between between freedom (right) and slavery (left). These people are not only scum of the earth, but fools.

The real cost of Obamacare and whatever else he tries to shove done our throat is our lives, liberties and our pursuit of true happiness. It is at the destruction of our country, our constitution and our way of life, substituting it with something that is anathema to human dignity, freedom, and self-responsibilty. It’s to destroy the human spirit, not to let it fly. What will we do?

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Written by James Lagnese

March 26, 2010 at 8:17 pm

What is Socialized Medicine Like?

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With all the talk of Obamacare, many on the right are rallying around and shouting from the rooftops how Obamacare is socialized medicine, or at least the beginnings of it. On the left, we have people that believe that we need this as someone paying your medical bills is a natural right.

Left look at what socialized medicine can be like. From England:

Patients were routinely neglected or left “sobbing and humiliated” by staff at an NHS trust where at least 400 deaths have been linked to appalling care…Staff shortages at Stafford Hospital meant that patients went unwashed for weeks, were left without food or drink and were even unable to get to the lavatory. Some lay in soiled sheets that relatives had to take home to wash, others developed infections or had falls, occasionally fatal. Many staff did their best but the attitude of some nurses “left a lot to be desired”.

Up to 1,200 people lost their lives needlessly because Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust put government targets and cost-cutting ahead of patient care.

But none of the doctors, nurses and managers who failed them has suffered any formal sanction

The inquiry found that: 

• Patients were left unwashed in their own filth for up to a month as nurses ignored their requests to use the toilet or change their sheets

• Four members of one family. including a new-born baby girl. died within 18 months after of blunders at the hospital

• Medics discharged patients hastily out of fear they risked being sacked for delaying

• Wards were left filthy with blood, discarded needles and used dressings while bullying managers made whistleblowers too frightened to come forward.

Look to the great white north, and we see that the premier of Newfoundland/Labrador, Danny Williams, went to the United States for a heart procedure. It seems the US does a minimally invasive procedure that he couldn’t get in Canada, which would have required major surgery and possibly a delay in getting care. Mr. Williams paid for the procedure out of his pocket. He was one of the lucky ones. Many Canadians would have waited for weeks or months to have a procedure that is cutting edge, if they made it that far.

Obama wants these types of systems. He looks to Europe as an example of what is right in the world, what is just, a fabian socialists view that looks at the general public no different that a farmer looks at livestock on his farm. We are no more than farm animals to Mr. Obama, and the farm should be run by the government. In his own mind, he knows best. Who do you trust?

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Written by James Lagnese

February 24, 2010 at 10:49 pm

Socialism is anti-judeo-christian

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Today’s post is very, very simple. Normally, I attack socialism in all its forms from a philosophical point of view. Today I will make a statement that puts it in a judeo-christian perspective.

Socialism in all it’s forms is a violation of the 10th and 7th commandments:

 You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.


You shall not steal.

Because socialists and others that support government entitlements covet what they have not earned and do not own, they enlist the government, through the general will, to steal from those that they covet. They are dishonest criminals, not willing to steal honestly by taking the responsibility of their act on themselves.

So ends today’s lesson.

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Written by James Lagnese

January 28, 2010 at 7:44 am

Want to know how Obama’s socialist ideas workout? Go to Detroit

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H/T to William “Wild Bill” Donovan.

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Written by James Lagnese

December 22, 2009 at 8:37 pm

What Worries Me Part 2

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As a continuation of a previous article, What Worries Me, I want to describe the flipside to Obama succeeding in a Fabian socialist agenda, which is Obama losing in 2012 as opposed to winning and succeeding in his agenda. What if the right drives over a cliff and we election another candidate that relies on the cult of personality? Below a definition of cult of personality from Wikipedia:
A cult of personality arises when a country’s leader uses mass media to create an idealized and heroic public image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. Cults of personality are often found in dictatorships and Stalinist governments.
A cult of personality is similar to general hero worship, except that it is created specifically for political leaders. However, the term may be applied by analogy to refer to adulation of religious or non-political leaders.

I would say that this definition fits nicely with Obama, at least initially. Obama tries to be a modern day FDR, except even more Fabian in nature. This is evidenced not only but the absolute incredulous and irrational adulation of his supporters but the control he has so far been successful with over the mainstream media. He has done so not with fear, but of agreement in principle. This had helped create an image of Obama that got him elected. What he and his magical handlers did count on and what FDR did not have to deal with, is the nature of media today. It’s available to more people today and much, much more quickly. The opposition media in the country has served as a balance to what I like to call the “government run media”. In reality they are the government-controlled media through manipulation through likeness in alleged beliefs. The end result of this is that Obama, as of this date, has an approval rating of 44%, which is a record in terms of the speed of decline for a new president.

So, what worries me? What worries me is that the opposition in this case might use the same tools, the same methods to promote and elect a leader in response to Obama. The difference would be that instead of an alliance between the mainstream media and the democrat candidate, the alliance would be between the opposition candidate and a grassroots mob if you will that circumvents the mainstream media’s efforts. In this case, you could say I am talking about Sarah Palin, although it could be someone else that pops up between now and 2011, when candidates get serious about running.
Why worry about Palin you ask? I will tell you this much: I like Palin, but not for clearly rational reasons. I am intellectually honest enough to say so, whereas some of my colleagues on the right are not so honest, and winning is more important than results afterwards, that we have to live with. Sound familiar? Palin is attractive, communicates well, and connects with people in a way we haven’t seen since Clinton or Reagan. Obama is more of a media creation, and connects with TotUS better than people. Anyway, if I take a step back and analyze what I know about Palin, the picture is not as rosy as her supporters would seem.

Palin is a former governor of Alaska. Sounds good, but not even one full term. Before that she was a mayor of Wasilla Alaska. Before that…? Compared to Obama, she has much more experience as an executive (Obama has none), but she doesn’t have a lot of experience when you compare her to Reagan, Clinton or even W. I am not sure we need another candidate that sweet-talks the camera and appeals on an emotional level. I think this is dangerous and we have seen the results of such choices. I think considering our current problems we need someone that can hit the ground running, not someone that will need on the job training. We have that now. My treatise here isn’t to bash Palin, nor is it about finding the perfect candidate, just the observation that one, we can do better, and two, we need to be careful about who we pick, because it really counts this time, and we have one shot to get it right. I think if she does her homework and does the right things, in 10 years she could be a viable candidate.

So what to do? I would like to see the Tea Party and 912er people get a little more politically involved and spread the liberty theme around, making it mainstream. The GOP has to be made to understand that it is not going to be business as usual: Placate an internal constituency before the election and forget about them afterwards. Republicans are famous for this. If this happens in 2010, the GOP should go the way of the Whigs. The only two things that have been on their side in the last year are an incompetent president and a democrat congress that has been bent on turning our country into a socialist nation. What the GOP should not glean from this is some sort of mandate that allows them to take power like a fat kid gloms fresh baked cookies from his grandma’s kitchen table. Obama made a similar mistake in thinking he got elected because of a socialist mandate. Wrong. In this scenario, Palin would do well as she would say “bugger off, I am doing it my way”. It seems that the GOP is like an ADD kid that needs to be reminded of his responsibilities on a regular basis. After a while, you have to ask, do we really need this?

So, I do worry how this will play out. I am heartened at times, particularly today upon hearing that two large banks, Wells Fargo and Citi, are going to pay off the government loans and get the government out of their business. Bravo and long live capitalism. I am a patient sort, willing to wait and see, are you? What do you think?
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Barbara Boxer Continues Senatorial Ignorance

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If it wasn’t ignorant enough that Harry Reid tried paint the republicans as modern variants of proslavery democrats because they don’t support Obamacare, now we have Barbara Boxer, the liberal sfacime senator from California making the assertion that denying the funding of abortion is the same as denying paying for a man’s prescription for viagra.

Obviously Boxer doesn’t have the facilities to recognize the differences in both the purpose of each and the consequences. Abortion is killing a human being, most often because it’s an inconvenience. In fact, over 97%.

Viagra is for the purpose of making an impotent man have an erection. Generally erections are for the purpose of creating human beings. Most men that use viagra are probably over 40, if not 50. Generally speaking, viagra enhances a man’s self-esteem, not to mention his partner’s appreciation. Just ask Enzyte Bob. 🙂

On the other hand, the consequences of abortion are not so rosey. Many women who get abortions suffer depression, loss, and grieve. They have killed their own and no matter why they got it done, the effects are life long. Many women that get abortions have problems conceiving because of the physical effects of having the abortion because of damage to the uterus.

Neither abortion or viagra have a place in the healthcare debate. One, abortion isn’t healthcare, it is death.  The american people shouldn’t have to subsidize death. I also think that if a man want to get a woody, even if he cannot not without pharmaceutical help, he should pay for it himself. Americans don’t need to be responsible for what happens with that either.

This is just another case of cum hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy thinking that the democrats are using because they are desparate. Their backs are to the wall because the american people do not want Obamacare, they don’t want a socialized government of healthcare and in spite of this, the dems are intent on shoving this don our throats, even at the peril of their jobs. The lesson that is lost on them is that emotional appeals are the last refuge of morons.

So, did Boxer act alone, or did she get marching orders from Barack or MoBama? I suppose we’ll never know, but in this case, she was following Hairy Dweeb’s lead and did this one from the heart. Still, she’s wrong, as usual, and again, the dems keep digging for lower lows.

The only conclusion I can make from all of this is that  the dems must be real true believers in socialism and marxism. There’s no other way to explain why they would pull these stunts when they have such opposition from the american people. They would rather believe they are right, rather than listening to their constituencies or re-examining their values. Either way, they probably will be done next November. While this may seem to bode well for the GOP, I wouldn’t put all my hope with them either. Not just yet. They have a very bad habit of forgetting where they came from and become stranger lovers as well. If it’s any indication, Palin has hinted at a third party run (she’s within 1% of Obama she’s not even running). While it may devide the GOP for a dem win in 2012, it may also herald a new party such as when Lincoln won in 1860 with the new Republican party. Personally, I think it is time for a new party. Michael Steele & Co. have served us poorly.

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Written by James Lagnese

December 9, 2009 at 10:04 am

Farm Animals:Why Socialism and Marxism Sucks

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As a continuation of why we suck, I want to explain my frequent use of the term “Farm Animals”.

Farm animals are used for one thing: To Produce. In the case of the picture to the left, the cows here are used to produce milk. Notice the clean, austere, functional, efficient and productive environment. As long as the cows produce, they will be well taken care of.

They get antibiotics, hormones, visits from the vet, kept clean and are well cared for. As long as they produce, they are ok and if and when they are not, they are sent to McDonald’s or the rendering house. It’s just the way it is. Cows don’t have any notion of freedom, and they can’t make the rational choice whether or not to be where they are. Still, some would argue that they are better off being milk cows for the dairy.

Humans on the other hand have the power of reason, or so we are led to believe, and because of this, we are supposed to be able to make informed and rational decisions. Yet, despite this, like the fool that keeps playing three card monte, we make choices that make no sense, at least not good sense. With the rise of MaObama, it seems many people are sold on the idea of a socialist/marxist America, where as in Europe, they want the government to take care of them cradle to grave.

What makes such European countries successful is that in order for the system to work, there must exist enough people that produce for the system. You say, “what is the difference between that and capitalism? In capitalism, the workers produce for the “corporations’ and companies The differences are that one, that people in a capitalist democracy, and I mean truly both, they have the right and free will to participate to the extent that they wish and whatever they earn (in a perfect world) belongs to them. Hopefully they make rational choices for their lives and can do so without fear. With the former, without producers that give to the system, the system cannot sustain itself. The more the people want from the government, the more will be taken from them by the government.

So, just as the cows are taken care of for the purpose of producing milk, so are citizens of a socialist country for the purpose of supporting the government and its dependents. Their care depends on their contribution. This is observed in every socialist democracy, like Canada, the UK and Australia to name but a few.

The argument can be made that they make these decisions out of free will. This is true under some circumstances, but like most governments, it is harder to take it back after it happens. Another observation is that people become enculturated or you could say that they are domesticated into this lifestyle. Still, the truth is inescapable: Citizens of these countries are like farm animals, producing for a system without rational thought as to why, the consequences, and what other possibilities might be. I would also liken this to the puerile nature of infants. Feed a baby, change it’s diapers and give it attention and it will be happy. At what point do people want to be treated as adult human beings, responsible for their own destiny, and make their own way?

Our country was founded by people who were such people who made their own way. It seems to me that we are taking a huge step backwards. I could write volumes on this, but for now, this is it. So, the question is, do want to be free, adult, and responsible, or do you want to be treated as a farm animal, like a puerile child, an infant? What road should America take? Will we suck? 🙂

Thank you for reading this blog.

Written by James Lagnese

November 2, 2009 at 10:48 pm