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Subsidies, Markets and Why You (We) Suck

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I was listening to Steve Deace last week and I was inspired to write this particular blog piece. The subject is subsidies. 

While many ersatz marxists and other democrat wannabes may think that government subsidies are an investment, the truth is that they are a reward to ideas and actions that don’t warrant it. 

Think about it. Giving a farmer, eco-weenie green technologist, or academic indoctrinist money to either do nothing (CRP in the case of farmers) or do something (“investing” in “green” technology) is nothing more than creating a market where none should exist or does not because no one wants it. In the case of the farmer, the market is, well, lets call it anti-fecundity. Some call it welfare. In the case of other things,  you could say windmills, electric cars, or university research into the breeding habits of the albino transgendered West Samoan hummingbird are markets that wouldn’t exist as they aren’t needed, wanted or even necessary. 

The bottom line is that people are being supported because they suck. That’s right, they suck. If they couldn’t make it in the free market where necessity is the mother of all things, then why? The left supports all sorts of welfare and subsidies for things that either should never exist or should have gone away long ago. They love to support people and causes that some would say have been excluded from the game for reasons beyond their control (yet examples exist to contradict this), because they feel sorry for them or in an effort to balance the system in an effort to create an equilibrium based on some twisted feel good idea of justice. 

The universe doesn’t understand justice in the context of what we think is justice. Anyone with a dilettante’s knowledge of the universe and astronomy knows that there is a certain amount of chaos that pushes things forward, and in general, the left tries to enforce control in an effort to create a system they believe is fair, but only to introduce entropy which removes chaos, removes progress and ultimately creates a system that dies and goes away.

When we do things that are unsuccessful, when we are taken out of the gene pool because of darwin’s blessing, when we fail, when we succumb to magical thinking, it’s nature’s way of saying we suck. All of us have sucked at one time or another, and hopefully it’s nothing serious, a learning experience, the government didn’t support it and we move on, move forward. What makes no sense is for the government to support activities where no market exists, where no hope of fecundity exist, where by all rights these recipients of largesse should go away. We see this support of suckedness all around us. Banks, insurance companies, car manufacturers, Freddie Mac, politicians, civil servants…and it all is supported by Team Fabian Society that currently resides in La Casa Blanca. 

Ultimately, the universe has its own equilibrium that is unavoidable and such that it is out of anyone’s control. Like being on the event horizon of a black hole, we cannot escape it. 

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Written by James Lagnese

November 2, 2009 at 9:56 pm

What Now?

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I was going to write, apologizing for some comments I had made to a woman who in turn had also commented to Tom Latham, my representative, on Facebook. I had called some farmers corn whores for wanting to get subsidies to buy and install wind turbines on their land. On second thought, no. Too many people, and corporations are sticking their hands out, expecting Uncle Sam to send some money their way just because they feel they deserve it. This is from the once rugged individualists, who farmed because it was what they did, and now they want to be subsidized because they see themselves as some special class.
One, once you take the drug of subsidies from the master know as Obama or any other plutocrat in Washington, you will soon find that you will always have to lick the heels and hands of that ungrateful master, who is only bribing you with your own money and the money of other americans. You have become the supplicant to a glorified pimp. How will you earn your keep?
Two, there should be no special class in this country high or low. We have seen the results of the great society, which set back economic and social progress in the black community at least 20 years, and put an unwanted burden on society. Obama, not satisfied with blacks and other minorities living on the government plantation, plans to put almost everyone else their. I preached this before the election that Obama was a mountebank, pretending to be centrist, but a socialist, a marxist at heart. What do you say now, oh supplicating masses? How do the chains feel upon thy wrists, ankles and soon to be necks? This drama is far from done and the damage will mount. Ready for act two?
To all the corn whores out there, and you know who you are, live well under thy masters will and learn to supplicate well as well.
Thank you for reading this blog.

Written by James Lagnese

March 2, 2009 at 8:36 pm