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Obama Damaged Goods: Runs even with Ron Paul

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Rasmussen: Ron Paul Polls Even With Obama for 2012

The latest Rasmussen poll hows Ron Paul and Obama neck and neck in 2012. While this may be be incredible news for Paulistas, it is even better news for the GOP and the Tea Party movement. Here’s why: If Paul can run neck and neck with Obama, a good candidate would clean Obama’s clock. You can fill in the blank if you want: Palin (hasn’t polled well in some instances), Romney, Huckabee, and even Giuliani. My personal favorite would be a ticket with Giuliani and Palin. Can you imagine the debates? Giuliani would not be a doddering fool parrying with Obama and we would have Palin/Biden II Rumble in the Sewer aka DC.

Still, this is good news that even the New York Times cannot run away from. The tide is shifting faster than it did for the dems. The reason is simple: They showed their true face and scared the shit out of most americans. Of course sheople on the left will make the argument that right wing talk radio and right wing blogs have fomented discourse and that if the people were left alone, to only get the Obama Regime’s narrative, we’d all be happier and better off. After all, we’ve been marginalized as gun and bible toting bitter clingers that are living in the past. Right? Why can’t we all just get along? Well, if believing Obama’s narrative is getting along, I will pass.

The bottom line is that in spite of Obamacare passing, and in spite of the fact that we have 8 months of democrat and socialist hegemony to live with, things will get better. I know I have been gloom and doom in the past, but I am pleasantly surprised by how the people have risen up. My only admonition is that the Tea Party and it’s analogs do not become co-opted by Washington insider elites that will use this as a form of populism to manipulate and use to their advantage like the socons in 2000. Vigilance is eternal.

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Written by James Lagnese

April 15, 2010 at 11:35 am

Judas is a Kamikaze: Stupak to retire

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I am a little late to this party, as the plane crash yesterday preempted this article, so here goes…

In the case of Bart Stupak, I have to say he is a Judas who is a Kamikaze. While feigning principle in holding the pro-life position that he would not vote for Obamacare if it funded abortions, it seems he was looking for some sort of easy out to vote for it and he got  it in the presidential executive order which would prohibit federal funding of abortions, but has as much teeth as a 100 year southern dirt farmer that chewed tobacco all his life.

John Batchelor has an interesting take on it:

The Tea Party sends in a three-bus caravan to MI-1 to raise money to defeat Stupak, and before it arrives Stupak retires. Coincidence? Those Tea Party buses will reproduce like bunnies. The Tea Party becomes the juggernaut without a candidate other than “Anybody but You.” Stupak suddenly reverses field and stages a Stupak love conference that FNC carries live. Coincidence? Who is producing this wacky opera? Would like the transcripts of the phone calls Stupak made to Mrs. Pelosi and Steny Hoyer: “Hello, Bart; what? What!?” It is far better than the Gingrich Zombie opera. Vote ’em all out! Empty Congress! De-Federalize? Bart, we hardly knew you, and you still have that State Trooper steadiness even in retreat.

I disagree that Stupak has some sort of trooper steadiness or that in some way is principled in the matter as some would assert, but rather saw the writing on the wall with regards to the Tea Party and also didn’t want to be the democrat that forestalled Obamacare. Remember, he is a democrat. You also have to consider that with the impending loses including his own, he more that likely will find a cozy job working for a contributor or as a lobbyist, therefore he needed a plausible way to satisfy everyone within the circle of influence that matters to him.

In the end, he sold his soul for a false promise. Such people are not heroes or even good people, but people  that sell out for a mere metaphorical 30 pieces. In this case he did it willingly if not deliberately, and I am sure for more than 30 pieces in the end. Bart, you are a sfacime.

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Written by James Lagnese

April 11, 2010 at 9:45 am

The Ultimate Outsider For President: David Petraeus

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The Man Who Would Be President?

With the rampant disgust voters have with our current crop of politicians and wannabes, who should they look for as a fresh face on the scene? Even Palin is starting to look like old schtick, voters and tea party supporters are starting to look around and say, who will take the lead?

Some are saying David Petraeus is the man for the day. Many times in our history we have looked to men who have served with distinction in the military to lead us in Washington. To name a few:
George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Zachary Taylor, Ulysse S Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, and Dwight David Eisenhower.

From the Telegraph:

Many voters yearn for an outsider, someone with authenticity, integrity and proven accomplishment. Someone who has not spent their life plotting how to ascend the greasy pole, adjusting every utterance for maximum political advantage.
In this toxic climate, perhaps the only public institution that has increased in prestige in recent years is the American military. Its officers are looked upon, as General George Patton once noted, as “the modern representatives of the demi-gods and heroes of antiquity”.

Toxic climate indeed and no better an analogy than a “greasy pole”. Someone once said that politics is like hollywood for ugly people. Well, the greasy pole is a competition for those whose only advantage is that they are what I call “sfaciamo” or no faced, meaning they can have any number of faces. Call it multiplicitous as to only duplicitous. As they say, we reap what we sow.

So, does David have a chance? Would he run? Does the Tea Party (The Ersatz GOP, or is it the other way around?) want him?

We could do a lot worse, and we have.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Written by James Lagnese

April 4, 2010 at 5:16 pm

The Real Anti-Americans

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By Pat Buchanan

Posted: March 29, 2010
7:57 pm Eastern

As Democrats, after a Sunday rally on the Capitol grounds, marched to the House hand-in-hand to vote for health-care reform, tea partiers reportedly shouted the “N-word” at John Lewis and another black congressman. A third was allegedly spat upon. And Barney Frank was called a nasty name.

Tea partiers deny it all. And neither audio nor video of this alleged incident has been produced, though TV cameras and voice recorders were everywhere on the Hill.

Other Democrats say their offices were vandalized and they’ve been threatened. A few received, and eagerly played for cable TV, obscene phone calls they got.

If true, this is crude and inexcusable behavior. And any threat should be investigated. But Democrats are also exploiting these real, imaginary or hoked-up slurs to portray themselves as political martyrs and to smear opponents as racists and bigots.

This is the politics of desperation. Majority Whip James Clyburn accuses Republicans of “aiding and abetting … terrorism.” New York Times columnist Frank Rich compared the tea-party treatment of Democrats to Nazi treatment of the Jews during Kristallnacht:

“How curious that a mob fond of likening President Obama to Hitler knows so little about history that it doesn’t recognize its own small-scale mimicry of Kristallnacht.”

Kristallnacht, “Crystal Night,” the “Night of Broken Glass,” was the worst pogrom in Germany since the Middle Ages. Synagogues were torched and hundreds of businesses smashed. Shattered glass covered the streets. Women were assaulted and men beaten and murdered. After that terrible night, half the Jews remaining in Germany fled.

To compare a brick tossed through the window of a congressional office and two shouted slurs to Kristallnacht suggests a growing paranoia on the left about the populist right.

Not since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 made “some Americans run off the rails,” said Rich, have we seen anything like this.

Was Rich awake in 1964? Because it wasn’t the right that went off the rails. The really big riot in 1964 was in Harlem, lasting five days, with 500 injured and as many arrested. The Watts riot in 1965, Detroit and Newark in 1967, Washington, D.C., and 100 other cities in 1968, all bringing troops into American cities, were not the work of George Wallace populists or Barry Goldwater conservatives. They were the work of folks who went “all the way with LBJ.”

Nor was it Young Americans for Freedom that burned ROTC buildings, vandalized professors’ offices, toted the guns at Cornell or took over Columbia in 1968. And it was not the Birchers who set off that 1970 explosion in the Greenwich Village townhouse that killed three radicals and aborted the terrorist bombing of the NCO club at Fort Dix.

No, this was not the New Right. This was the New Left, and it was Obama not John Boehner who used to “pal around” with one of the boys who did the Pentagon and Capitol Hill bombings.

As for calling Barney Frank a naughty name, that is not nice. But one wonders what Rich thought of the students marching under Viet Cong flags chanting, about the man who signed that Civil Rights Act, “Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?” and, “Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh, the NLF is going to win,” when American boys were dying in the hundreds every week fighting the communist NLF?

The 1967 attack on the Pentagon, where thousands tried to break through military police to get into the building, was the work of left-wing radicals. Did the tea-party folks who chanted, “Kill the bill,” outside the House behave worse than that?

Some of us recall the anarchy of May Day 1971, when 15,000 leftists tried to shut down Washington on a Monday morning by rolling logs onto Canal Road, smashing car windows, blocking traffic circles and wilding in Georgetown. Most wound up behind a chain-link fence at the Armory.

How many were arrested on Capitol Hill Sunday a week ago?

Not one tea partier, man or woman.

The “mass hysteria” of the tea-party right, writes Rich, is at root about race. “By 2012 … non-Hispanic white births will be in the minority. The tea party is virtually all white. … Their anxieties about a rapidly changing America are well-grounded.”

Rich is implying that when America’s white majority disappears, in 2042 according to 2008 Census Bureau projections, the day of the white conservative is over.

Given the rise in ethnic consciousness among all Americans, Rich may be right. But it is not just white folks who want illegal aliens deported and legal immigration curtailed, while 25 million of our own are out of work or underemployed.

A Zogby poll for the Center for Immigration Studies found that 56 percent of Hispanics, 57 percent of Asian-Americans and 68 percent of African-Americans think legal immigration is too high.

If the tea-party folks think it is leftist elites who detest and wish to be rid of the America they grew up in and love, they are right.

Thank you Pat, and thank you all for reading this blog.

Written by James Lagnese

March 30, 2010 at 5:43 pm

New Tea Party Member: Ginny Thomas

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Wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is the newest member of the Tea Party. According to Fox News, “The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is jumping on the Tea Party bandwagon with the launch of a new conservative lobbying group and plans to attend some high-profile Tea Party rallies in the coming weeks.”
This is big news, as we really do not hear about spouses of supreme court justices let alone the justices themselves take such a public stand. Many on the left will probably poke fun at her and possibly deride her as they have Sarah Palin. Hell hath no fury against a conservative women like a NAG journalist. Fox News Continues:
Ginni Thomas founded the Virginia-based nonprofit Liberty Central back in January. Amy Feather, the group’s director of business development and marketing, told that “the hope” is that Thomas will make an appearance at a Tea Party rally on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

That event, dubbed the “The People’s Surge Against Obamacare 2.0,” is expected to draw about 2,000 people. Tea Party leaders and other activists are planning to converge on Washington, flood congressional offices and press their representatives to vote against the health care reform bill.

I don’t know what impact Mrs. Thomas will have, but I think it will be a positive one. As they say, a dog doesn’t chase a parked car.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Written by James Lagnese

March 15, 2010 at 7:48 pm

Tea Party Members Break Reagan’s 11th Commandment to Ensure Constitutional Candidates

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In what normally would be a quiet primary season in red Congressional districts across the country, a few Republican candidates find themselves under a microscope when they expected to coast to an easy primary win. While some claim it’s a violation of Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment, tea party conservatives sin, throwing out the 11th commandment, to ensure the most Constitutional solid candidate gets the party nomination.

This is apparent in Missouri’s Seventh Congressional District. A few weeks ago, it looked like republican candidate Billy Long would coast through the primaries. Long had a significant lead in fund raising as well as having the most recognized name in the race. However, a chance meeting last fall led to one tea party member waging a campaign against the leading Republican candidate in the race.

Clay Bowler, the blogger at Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom watched candidate Long approach closer to his place in line prior to Claire McCaskill’s town hall meeting in Springfield, Missouri. A small-business man went up to Long and asked him why he couldn’t get a small business loan after the banks got the TARP money to free up the credit markets. He wanted to know what Long was going to do to make sure he was going to get a loan for his small business.

Long began to pander to the man, explaining what he would do. When he was done, Bowler asked him what in the Constitution gave him the authority to tell this man that he would help him. Long answered there was nothing. Bowler fired back, so why are you telling this man this. Candidate Long walked off.

After the meeting, Bowler began to realize that candidate Long had a long record in the local media of contradicting the platform put on his page, so he decided to challenge Long using the power of the Internet. He started the Billy Long is Wrong Web site. The site looks at the candidate under an intensified scope and examines the concerns he has of the candidate. Since the site was introduced, momentum has shifted to the more conservative Constitutionalist candidates.

This is the reality of the tea party movement, which is tired of more of the same from candidates that claim they are conservative republicans. Many tea party activists are asking what they can do to raise awareness for candidates that care about the Constitution and the limits of government, and more are turning to the Web to combat moderate candidates who don’t want to live within the limits of the Constitution. You can’t claim you are against the bailouts and then tell constituents that you will help them get their fair share. You can’t claim you are against the stimulus and then look to see how many millions and billions you can bring to your district.

Left Coast Rebel is another tea party blog that is working to promote Constitutional conservatives while weeding out RINO candidates. LCR is examining districts around the United States putting up red flags for Republican candidates that are running with a big ‘R’ platform.

LCR has been vocal in expressing support for little ‘r’ republicans that want to enforce the limits of the federal government. Normally, he wouldn’t get involved in other districts, but he has determined too much is on the line this election not to be more active in the election.
So conservatives and Republicans are breaking Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment. It’s not too hard to imagine that if Reagan was here today, he would probably be speaking up against what has taken place in the Republican party these days.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Written by James Lagnese

February 23, 2010 at 5:53 pm

Why the Tea Party Must Die

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Suppose you owned a business, it is a successful business, although it has had it’s ups and downs and you are in a down slide, but your competition across the street has really screwed up badly and you expect to pick up some business because of it. In fact, you plan to make a killing and wipe out all of your losses.

Now imagine some of your customers and now ex-employees have decided to open their own business competing with yours. They are disgruntled: In the case of the ex-employees, they know how badly you run the business, and in terms of the customers, they know that too, but from the lousy service they get and poor products you sell. The problem is that your business and the one across the street are a biopoly, that in fact together have 95% of the market share. You both have a good thing going, and while there is no way that one business could do it all, two businesses will maximize their profits without any real consideration of competition and customers have no where to go.

So those ex-employees and ex-customers open their own shop, but they don’t have the organizational skills to run a big company…yet. They have lots of customers that are disgusted with the biopoly, and want to buy their product. It looks like they very well could knock you off and replace you. The other company isn’t as worried because they didn’t lose quite as many customers or employees, and even if their fortunes have gone downhill, they think they will weather it. What do you do?

One, you can try to out compete them at their own game, but since your brand is damaged, this is a tough row. The other option is to buy them out. Co-opt them. Bring them back in the fold and then when the ruckus has died down, fire every one of them one by one slowly, and get back to business as usual. All it takes is some money and a lot of dialogue with them, convincing them you have organization to make their ideas successful. It could work. It worked 10 years ago when the same thing happened before, so it should work again.

I think you understand my allegory. I hope so. It’s like good cop/bad cop, except what criminals forget is that they are both cops. IF the people in the leadership of the Tea Party have any sense of honor, loyalty, ethics and morality, they will stick it out and forge something new. IF not, it’s meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Care to talk about it? I’d like to know what you think.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Written by James Lagnese

February 21, 2010 at 1:42 pm

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