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Obama Pisses Off The Press Corps: Biting the hand that feeds him

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If you can believe it, Dana Milbank of The Washington Post has accused Barry Soetero of disreguarding the media. Yeah, you read that here and you can read it here:

World leaders arriving in Washington for President Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit must have felt for a moment that they had instead been transported to Soviet-era Moscow.
They entered a capital that had become a military encampment, with camo-wearing military police in Humvees and enough Army vehicles to make it look like a May Day parade on New York Avenue, where a bicyclist was killed Monday by a National Guard truck.
In the middle of it all was Obama — occupant of an office once informally known as “leader of the free world” — putting on a clinic for some of the world’s greatest dictators in how to circumvent a free press.

Transported to Soviet-era Moscow? Those are strong words coming from the left-wing MSM, or am I redundant here?

The Author continues:

The only part of the summit, other than a post-meeting news conference, that was visible to the public was Obama’s eight-minute opening statement, which ended with the words: “I’m going to ask that we take a few moments to allow the press to exit before our first session.”

Reporters for foreign outlets, many operating in repressive countries, got the impression that the vaunted American freedoms are not all they’re cracked up to be.

Yasmeen Alamiri from the Saudi Press Agency got this lesson in press freedom when trying to cover Obama’s opening remarks as part of a limited press “pool”: “The foreign reporters/cameramen were escorted out in under two minutes, just as the leaders were about to begin, and Obama was going to make remarks. . . . Sorry, it is what it is.”

I wonder if the haute journalistes of the New York Times have caught on to this? Specifically the Global Edition. I bet not, and in fact, a search shows not.

One might say Mr. Obama wants to control the narrative. I wonder if he pissed off any American journalists. This should be a bigger story than it is.

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Written by James Lagnese

April 13, 2010 at 6:40 pm

Karl Rove Understands Business Management

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Karl Rove understands management; There are two theories in management: A) Make the right decision or B) Make the decision and then make it right. According to The New York Times, “Karl Rove, the chief political adviser to President George W. Bush and architect of his two successful campaigns for the White House, says in a new memoir that his former boss probably would not have invaded Iraq had he known there were no weapons of mass destruction there.” The question I ask is, was the president intentionally misinformed, or conveniently? My thesis on this expedition is that the administration used management technique B. This is not necessarily an indictment of W at all, but an honest observation.

It is possible that Saddam had the weapons of mass destruction shipped out of the country. Some assert the Russians and Syrians helped with this. If this was the case, then why not bring to light? Rove does “acknowledge that the failure to find them badly damaged Mr. Bush’s presidency, and he blames himself for not countering the narrative that ‘Bush lied,’ calling it “one of the biggest mistakes of the Bush years.” Then the question remains, did Rove intentionally misinform W?

Having worked in the private sector and I have seen many times when the boss or leader says the sky is red, and the yes men around him will assemble the evidence to make it so. So goes making a decision right. Too many people jumped on the bandwagon, George Tenet included, that should have done their due dillegence in this matter. My main objection is that of honesty. If you are going to do something, there is no need to trump stuff up. Be an adult and do what you have to do. Obviously, the Bush administration (again, not necessarily W, but his people) must have believed that they needed more to justify their agenda than just saying we want to do this.

Of course, with the victory at hand and with Obama carrying forth some of the same policies, it’s easy to say, whatever, we won and it doesn’t really matter. I would ask anyone, with a straight face, do you really believe that any presidential administration in this country would not have all the information, correctly vetted ad infinitum, before committing to war? I cannot believe for the life of me that these chaps either didn’t know their weren’t weapons of mass destruction or that if there was and I mean there was in such a way as there was intent on being used against us, that these weapons disappeared and that they cannot explain it. Why wouldn’t they explain it? Rove doesn’t strike me as such an incompetent. A plotter, a schemer, a guy that throws people under busses, but not incompetent.

I’ve said this all along: One, Rove, Cheney and Rice had a master plan for reshaping the middle east. Iran was seen as the real threat. They wanted to surround Iran with propped up democracies and countries that were influenced by us, thereby bringing pressure to both isolate Iran and force an internal revolution. The entry story for Iraq was just that, a story to get the job done to accomplish that agenda. I would have appreciated that kind of honesty from the Bush administration, but unfortunately, it wasn’t and isn’t forthcoming.

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Sarah Gives Obama Hell

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Sarah rocked and inspired all at first national tea party convention

Sarah Palin told the audience of 1100 in Nashville Tennessee that “America is ready for another revolution!”. The headline of the New York Times reads : Palin Assails Obama at Tea Party Meeting”. 

Of course the position of the New York Time is that of the fourth branch of government, that which is the propaganda wing of the Obama administration, for whom their messiah rules with progressive fervor.

The Times Continues:

“Ms. Palin gave the Tea Party crowd exactly what they wanted to hear, declaring the primacy of the Tenth Amendment in limiting government powers, complaining about the bailouts and the “generational theft” of rising deficits, and urging the audience to back conservative challengers in contested primaries.”

I guess the sentiment is how dare she propose any opposition to The One. If this had been a democrat saying this, it would be on the front page in glorious review, promulgating the virtues of the left. Alas, The New York Times shows its true colors and to whom it answers.

Some excepts from the speech:

“This is about the people, and it’s bigger than any one king or queen of a tea party, and it’s a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter,” she said.

She blasted him for rising deficits, “apologizing for America” in speeches in other countries, and for allowing the so-called Christmas bomber to board a plane headed for the United States, saying he was weak on the war on terrorism.

“To win that war, we need a commander in chief, not a professor of law,” she declared.

Lastly, she gave this admonition to the the GOP:

“The Republican Party would be really smart to start trying to absorb as much of the Tea Party movement as possible,” she said. “This is a beautiful movement because it is shaping the way politics are conducted. You’ve got both party machines running scared.”

It is in the rational best interest of the GOP to do so, but I suspect that the leadership there is too entrenched, to complacent and too scared to accept the Tea Party, at least for more that one election cycle which is coming to a close this November. Any group of influence and power is afraid of chaos that would bring change and growth: They prefer the order that entropy brings, as it ensures that they will remain in power. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Go Saracuda and screw the New York Times.

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Video of Sarah, H/T Teresamerica for video:

Written by James Lagnese

February 7, 2010 at 8:10 am

Picking up the mantle of a murderer

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As much as this photo shows a caring doctor in medical setting, it is purely for effect from the New York Times, trying to show this murderer as some sort of caring saint.

Dr. Carhart sees the need for late term abortions, and will perform them in the absence of his friend Dr. George R. Tiller.

As someone that was born 12 weeks premature, as a rationalist and as a christian,  I find it repulsive that someone would want to kill a baby that obviously could live on his/her own. I find it repulsive that anyone would want to kill any baby. This guy is no saint and a few of his employees quit when they found out the nature of the expansion of his practice. While I don’t prescribe the fate Dr Tiller got to Dr. Carhart, I do believe abortion should be against the law. No matter what, Dr. Carhart will face the same cosmic justice Dr. Tiller faced at his final exam, and nothing we can do on this earth matches god’s justice.

This is one more example of the out of touch mentality that the left promulgates, even in the evidence that they are not only wrong, but that they are out of step with the majority of Americans. These members of the government sponsored media are fomenting their positions through the government, with Obama at the helm. Think I am wrong? Read this.

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Mr. Obama’s Epitaph:

Written by James Lagnese

December 3, 2009 at 8:11 pm

It’s Not Obama’s Fault

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H/T John Batchelor

Thomas Friedman shows us why he is such a lackey for the Obama Administration and how delusional he really is (And his ilk at HRH run media outlet). Haven’t all presidents had to deal with congress?

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Written by James Lagnese

November 22, 2009 at 10:08 am

Obama Tries to Manipulate The Rightwing Press

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The Politico and the New York Times both reported that Roger Ailes and David Axelrod met to discuss Fox News and it’s rough handling of the president.

According to The Politicio:

The two met privately in Manhattan during the president’s visit to the United Nations.
The two discussed news coverage and the relationship between the organizations. 

An FNC spokesperson tells POLITICO that Ailes and Axelrod had a “cordial conversation” over coffee while the president was in town.

Ailes is the founder of Fox News. A key part of Axelrod’s portfolio is the president’s image and broad message.
And further more:
White House officials have expressed pique with what they consider heavy coverage of Obama critics by opinion shows on the news channel.

Obama aides showed their displeasure by omitting “Fox News Sunday” when the president granted interviews last month to the other Sunday shows.
Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t there freedom of the press?Does this mountebank in the oval office think he has the right to manipulate the news? Is Axelrod just a softer version of Goebbels? While it states that they had a cordial conversation, I can’t imagine Ailes showing apostasy and giving in to these fascist fools. Certainly “playing ball”will not garner better ratings, and will the promise of access, one hold true and honestly, is it worth it? Obama must be in deep shit if he’s sending his Goebbel’s out to parley with Ailes. I hope hope Roger thinks better of it. 

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Written by James Lagnese

October 6, 2009 at 6:52 pm

President Tom Back in the News

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President Tom, as Glen Beck calls him, is at it again with regards to Israel. When will the MSM admit this guy want to destroy Israel? Probably never, considering the Times now takes advertisements from Al Jazeera.

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Written by James Lagnese

January 15, 2009 at 4:22 pm