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Grassley’s Arrogance Rear’s It’s Ugly Head Again

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It’s not only Democrats that are giving Americans the middle finger. His Arrogance of Iowa is at it again. He says he will do what’s right no matter what his constituency says. In other words, he knows better than we do. May be John Batchelor should join Chuck for lunch and discuss the finer points of arrogance, or may be Steve Deace could give him a lesson what is truly right. Below is a video from The Other McCain. Steve King is a stand up guy and I hope he replaces Grassley or Harkin.
H/T The Other McCain

Thank you Steve King and thank you all for reading this blog.


Right and wrong: How we were swindled by the banks, and the politicians

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When you get right down to it, we’ve been had. The real reason behind Monday’s defeat of the bailout bill was to send a signal to the senate to load up the bill with bribes so as to give members of the house pork they could bring home to contributing constituents, spread the political negatives around and give the leadership cover.  We’ve been played in the standard white hat/black hat game so the banks get taken care of as do the politicians. No more. There is enough of the blame to go around and pointing a finger on which party is responsible won’t solve anything. So now we were played and there seems to be a mass conversion to yes votes for tomorrow’s house vote on the bill. 

Where I will place blame is on the two senators from my home state, Chuck Grassley and Tom Harkin. Both voted yes to this monstrosity of a rip off. What burns me to no end is the audacity, condescension and stupidity of Chuck Grassley. His suggestion that the American people would be satisfied if the leaders of the financial institutions publicly bowed in shame, as the japanese do with Rei. This is utter rubbish. What freaking methamphetamine delusion is he under? If they want to follow Japanese custom, Seppuku would be more appropriate and I would gladly serve as Kaishakunin, but I digress. Grassley’s comment shows his utter disrespect and contempt for the American people. The word for him would be Naitsuusha, in which case, Seppuku would be acceptable and appropriate and again I would be proud to be Kaishakunin. 

So Mr Grassley and Mr Harkin, you can fool us once and even twice, but next time we won’t allow you the pleasure of it. I advise all Iowans to vote against incumbents until we get these buttholes out. They have proven themselves to be traitors, elitists, and men without honor that do no know right from wrong. Their condescending attitudes towards the American people should not be rewarded. We have rewarded them in the past for acting badly and this is what we have received in return. I pledge here and now to revoke my membership in the republican party and become an independent. Henceforth, I also pledge to NOT carry water for any political party. Ideologically, I will remain consistent as a classical liberal with objectivist leanings. There is only right and wrong. The battle is on. 

Thank you for reading this blog. 

Written by James Lagnese

October 2, 2008 at 4:27 pm