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Big Brother is Here: Pass the soma

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H/T Libertarian Republican and Fellowship of the Minds

From Worldnet Daily:

The U.S. Army is – unofficially – suggesting a brain scan and medical evaluation for an officer who announced he would refuse to follow further orders until and unless President Obama documents his constitutional eligibility to be commander in chief.

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is the highest-ranking and first active-duty officer to refuse to obey orders based on President Obama’s eligibility.

A spokeswoman for the developing case of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, a flight surgeon with 18 years in the service, said the recommendation came to Lakin today from an officer whose name was not being used who implied that those higher up the chain of command thought it was a good idea.


The top-ranking, highly decorated officer says he’s refusing all orders until Obama releases his long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate to prove his eligibility to serve as commander in chief.

“I feel I have no choice but the distasteful one of inviting my own court martial,” Lakin said in a statement. “The Constitution matters. The truth matters.”

This is rich. We’ve finally gotten to the point where if you disagree with Obamessiah, you must be mentally ill. This is so like socialism. How many people were condemned to mental institutions in communist countries for going against the government? And those were the ones that got off easy and didn’t end up as fertilizer for the jungle or the pigs. This is the first step in moving towards re-education camps or facilities, if that is more palatable. What bothers me more is that there is anyone in the military that wouldn’t at least secretly give credence to what he Lakin says and it hurts that one of his own would suggest such a thing. Such is the purview for politically motivated officers that are no better than politicians. God help us or we’ll be dosing Soma in no time.

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Written by James Lagnese

April 2, 2010 at 6:32 pm

The Template Arises:Vicarious Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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The latest main stream media fad is to blame the Fort Hood incident on Vicarious Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Not only would someone have to be weak in the mind for that to happen, one would have to be even weaker to believe it.

Hasan was by all rights a muslim fundamentalist whose beliefs contradicted what he was doing in the Army, and it came to a head when he was ordered to go to Afghanistan. His religious beliefs and identity trumped his sworn duty to this country. The honorable thing to do would be to resign.

Instead, Hasan chose to take his anger out on those around him, particularly those that were innocent, and who had nothing to do with decisions about our foreign policy. He is a coward, a liar, and a murderer. He was dishonest to himself and those around him. He is responsible for all of this, BUT Islam was the gasoline poured on this fire. In his mind, Americans were the enemy, not the Taliban.

It is high time muslims in this country and elsewhere to make the decision on where they stand, and furthermore, help us weed out these fundamental psychopaths. In WWII, Japanese, German, and Italian americans felt they had something to prove in fighting the axis powers, and they served their country well (read about the 442nd Infantry Regiment).  Such incidents like this did not exist, but then again, even the average american today does not have the patriotism and sense of national identity that my parents generation did.

If anyone is offended by the pictorial here, Tango Sierra. What I have seen of Islam in this world, the quran belongs there.

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Written by James Lagnese

November 7, 2009 at 4:18 pm

The M4: A substandard Firearm for the finest fighting force

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Is it heresy? Is it it un-American? Is it wrong to say that the weapons we give to our army personnel suck? According to an AP article in the Des Moines Register, the M4 has had failures in the battlefield that have cost lives.

This is nothing new. The M-16 has had it’s share of failures in the battlefield too, and that is what the M4 is based on. What is unbelievable to me is that after 12 years of the M4 and how many decades of the M-16, that we can’t give our troops a better battle rifle.

What is stated here is purely my opinion. The problem with the M4 and it’s variants is that it’s design doesn’t meet the requirements of reality. It’s like using a corvette to go four-wheeling. These M-16/M4 weapons are made to be light, and use ammunition that maximizes firepower in terms of rounds of ammo that an be carried. The gun also has relatively tight tolerances that doesn’t cope well with sand, grit and other elements that will get inside a guns action and render it useless. Also, the gun can’t get rid of the heat fast enough under full auto fire. On top of this, the Army has chosen a round that is substandard in my opinion. The 5.56 works fine against woodchucks in rifles that have 24″ barrels, but with the 14.5″ barrels many of these rifles have sacrifices too much velocity. Remember the soldiers fighting the Moros in the Philippines? They found out how badly the .38 faired and clamored for .45s

Don’t get me wrong; Colt has made some fine firearms throughout the years. The M1911 is among the finest, and it’s too bad they can’t do the same with the M4/16. Make is simple, reliable, and idiot proof. On the other hand, if you must go with such a substandard firearm, at least give Ruger or some other company a crack at making one that works better. If it were me, I would choose something else.

If it were I, I would use the AK-47. It’s what our enemy uses, it’s so reliable and simple that it’s a job to get it not to work. Also, you could use any contraband ammo found on the battlefield. If that isn’t palatable, HK makes some nice rifles based on the G-3 design. The HK91 and 93 are way better, and even the HK416 is an improvement. A SOCOM M14 would be nice as well, but I imagine our boys can’t carry anything heavier than a loaf of bread.

How did we get here? My guess is lobbyists and other glad handing palm greasers found it more important to get a government contract than actually produce something that works well. A quick fix if they haven’t thought of it is to use receivers and bolts that are plated with a nickel-ceramic compound that doesn’t require lubrication and improves heat transfer. It’s also easier to keep clean. Of course, it would be easier just to buy a couple million AK-47s from the Chinese. I am sure they have a few to spare. Below, the SOCOM M14, John Garand’s design at its finest.

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Written by James Lagnese

October 12, 2009 at 2:16 pm

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Army Major Refusing Deployment Over Obama’s Citizen Status

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Army Major refusing deployment over Obama’s ineligibility to serve as Commander

Claims Obama is foreign born and not a legal Citizen of the United States

Co-posted by Eric Dondero at the Libertarian Republican:

Breaking news item… Major Stefan Frederick Cook, US Army, is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan. But he is refusing, citing Barack Hussein Obama’s ineligibility to serve as Commander in Chief. Cook believes that Obama is foreign born, and thus excluded from serving in the office of the Presidency.

From the Ft. Benning, Georgia Ledger-Bulletin, July 14:

Cook’s lawyer, Orly Taitz, who has also challenged the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency in other courts, filed a request last week in federal court seeking a temporary restraining order and status as a conscientious objector for her client.

In the 20-page document — filed July 8 with the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia — the California-based Taitz asks the court to consider granting his client’s request based upon Cook’s belief that Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States and is therefore ineligible to serve as commander-in-chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Cook further states he “would be acting in violation of international law by engaging in military actions outside the United States under this President’s command. … simultaneously subjecting himself to possible prosecution as a war criminal by the faithful execution of these duties.”

Note – LR Editor Eric Dondero contributed to this report.

Written by James Lagnese

July 15, 2009 at 6:46 am