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Polish MP Claims Russia Engineered Plane Crash

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From The Daily Mail:

‘Russia engineered air crash that killed President Kaczynski.” “Artur Gorski said the Russians ‘came up with some dubious reasons’ that the aircraft couldn’t land because they feared President Leck Kaczynski’s presence would overshadow a similar event hosted by the Russian prime minister a few days before.”

As reported here last weekend, “Poland’s army chief, central bank governor, MPs and leading historians were among more than 80 passengers.
They were flying in from Warsaw to mark 70 years since the Katyn massacre of thousands of Poles by Soviet forces.”


Interesting indeed. Occams Razor says that a crash is a crash and that the pilot made a mistake. Is Artur Gorski overreacting, succumbing to conspiracy theories and paranoia, or is there something to this?

We do know that the relationship between Poland and Russia has been strained at times and it is prescient that such an accident such happen whilst going to a memoriam of a Soviet massacre on Polish people. Putin would have such a twisted sense of humor, true, but would he stoop this low?

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Written by James Lagnese

April 14, 2010 at 6:30 am

Polish President Dead: Who’s Happy?

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According to the Daily Mail UK, “Polish president Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria have been killed after their plane crashed on approach to Smolensk airport in western Russia.

There were conflicting reports today of the number of people on board the flight. Russian news agencies reported at least 88 people died in the crash near Smolensk airport in western Russia, citing the Russian Emergencies Ministry. They reported 132 people were aboard the Tupolev Tu-154″.

According to the BBC, “Poland’s army chief, central bank governor, MPs and leading historians were among more than 80 passengers.
They were flying in from Warsaw to mark 70 years since the Katyn massacre of thousands of Poles by Soviet forces.”


Poland has been a stanch Ally to the United States and Putin has bristled at the the possibility of Poland buying missile defense systems from the United States. In general, Putin has eschewed any positive relationship between the US and former east block nations. Under the the current administration, Obama has dropped his drawers and become Putin’s Bitch. With the latest treaty and policies, Obama is letting Russia in the front door, so who looks like the leader of the (free?) world?

Lech Walesa has tried to give us a wake up call, telling us that “we have lost our moral and political position of leadership in the world.” This is very true and has been something coming for a long time, not just a recent development with the election of Barack Hussein Obama, although he has precipitated that decline at a breakneck pace. Don’t believe me? Look at the actions of China, Russia, and our other enemies. They take the piss so regularly that America has become a Pissoir for the rest of the world.

What we have to see is who is happy about this event. While seemingly an accident, with Putin, the Ex-KGB Doyen, will undoubtedly have a smile on his face. You have to wonder what will follow. Generally speaking, presidents of countries have the best pilots at their disposal. You’d think he would have aborted the landing and landed elsewhere.

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Written by James Lagnese

April 10, 2010 at 6:45 am

Obama Continues His Drawers Dropping For America’s Enemies

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Obama is at it again, this time dropping his drawers for the Chinese. According to Bill Gertz at The Washington Times:

President Obama recently shifted authority for approving sales to China of missile and space technology from the White House to the Commerce Department — a move critics say will loosen export controls and potentially benefit Chinese missile development.

Of course this is nothing new. Obama dropped his drawers for Putin and even the Saudis. Do we see a trend here? At least charge the bastards admission like a carnival and get something out of it. Of course the sodomite president wouldn’t understand that, as he doesn’t understand capitalism. He believes everything should be free, at least to those in need. 

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Written by James Lagnese

October 15, 2009 at 7:43 pm

Obama is Letting The Russians In The Front Door

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Obama either is an naive and effete idiot or he is Putin’s bitch

Fox News reported today that Obama is allowing unprecedented access by Russian inspectors to our nuclear sites. According to Fox News:

The plan, which Fox News has learned was agreed to in principle during negotiations, would constitute the most intrusive weapons inspection program the U.S. has ever accepted. 

Hillary Clinton added that the US would be as transparent as possible…What next? Should we give Putin the launch codes to our missiles? Clinton continues:

“We want to ensure that every question that the Russian military or Russian government asks is answered,” she said, calling missile defense “another area for deep cooperation between our countries.” 

Where is the quid pro quo you daft bitch? Hillary never gave it up this fast or so completely to Bill, and Bill must be jealous at this point. 

What this underscores is a continuation of one, the MaObama policy of doing the opposite of whatever Bush did or any other GP president and two, the continuation of a policy to dismantle the US as the world’s lone superpower. Putin must be ecstatic. All our detractors and enemies must be ecstatic. I see no cooperation here, just the US dropping it’s pants and grabbing it’s ankles, hoping for a reach around. No Obama, you won’t be kissed in the morning either. 

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Written by James Lagnese

October 14, 2009 at 4:08 pm

Guess Who Acts Like The Leader of The World?

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I would say free world, but in this case, Putie doesn’t see himself in that context and neither do I.

Reuters reported today that Putin warned against sanctions against Iran. Furthermore, he said this:

“There is no need to frighten the Iranians,” Putin told reporters in Beijing after a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

“We need to look for a compromise. If a compromise is not found, and the discussions end in a fiasco, then we will see.”

“And if now, before making any steps (towards holding talks) we start announcing some sanctions, then we won’t be creating favourable conditions for them (talks) to end positively. This is why it is premature to talk about this now.”
In another report at Breitbart:
“A top Russian security official says Moscow reserves the right to conduct pre-emptive nuclear strikes to safeguard the country against aggression on both a large and a local scale, according to a newspaper interview published Wednesday.”
This is not only posturing, but a defining moment in US foreign relations under the Obama administration, where we find out who has the bigger stick. 
The pusillanimous POTUS, the Cacasotto in Chief has tried to assuage our adversaries and friends by being a sycophant knee groveling fabian socialist piece of steaming humanity. If he thinks, or believes that somehow he has curried favor with the likes of Putin et al, then he is not only mistaken, but put us in a position where not only don’t we control the narrative, but we do not control the outcome, which is more important. 
Obama is too effete and naive to be the leader of the free world. He lacks the understanding of what motivates respect from the likes of Putin and he behaves like a nurdy fraternity pledge trying to curry favor with those that could easily destroy him. He is clearly out of his league, his element, and we are the worse off for it. 
Can we afford three more years of this? How about eight?
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Written by James Lagnese

October 14, 2009 at 11:36 am

Obama is Putin’s Bitch

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With Obama’s caving in on the missile defense plan, he has become Vladamir Putin’s bitch. After being properly felated by Obama, Putin says it was a “correct and brave decision”. Now that Obama succumb to Neville Chamberlain Disease, all of eastern Europe feels and is betrayed by our feckless and pusillanimous Commander in Chief. Obviously we have passed the crossroads and we are nearing a point of no return where our enemies will come to view us with more than contempt, but beneath it, where once we were an adversary to respect, now we are one to be walked on like a man who has been punked in prison. Obvious too is that Obama has ignored the warnings, and instead has chosen to cut path that is just a reversal of whatever Bush or Reagan would have done or did do. It’s a path that has no rhyme or reason, but whose sole purpose is to undue what progress that has been done in order to delegitimize the past to create whatever future Obama seems fit to create. This is purely a marxist philosophy.

By ignoring what has worked and doing the opposite of what predecessors have done in order to undo, he is putting this country in a position that is not only less than first among equals but one that is servile at best and impoverished, destitute, and feckless at worst. This man has no respect or I would even say knowledge of the concept of American Exceptionalism, and has a fabian and neo-european view of the world. He does not think like an American, nor does he act like one. For all intents and purposes, we have elected a man that is not one of us. This shows in the disconnect between what he wants to accomplish and what Americans want, don’t want, and his lack of respect for that. After all, We cling to our guns, and our religion

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Written by James Lagnese

September 18, 2009 at 7:01 pm

The New World’s Order?

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Medvedev is taking a week long trip to Latin america and this includes stops to Venezuela and Cuba. One has to wonder about the latest communist visits to the New World. Is it an effort to undermine the United States both politically and economically or is it just good business and international relations? It is not above the communists to play tit for tat, regarding our support for Taiwan, Tibet, Georgia, and former Eastern Block countries. Look for Hu and Medvedev, who is just the more pleasant veneer for for Vlad the Impaler to encroach on our hemisphere, challenging the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary. With Obama as president, they probably see an pening for such action, which would have been ill advised while GW was in office. It’s going to get interesting. 
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Written by James Lagnese

November 20, 2008 at 9:16 pm